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Strength and Conditioning Training:

We are offering to all athletes, our highly anticipated strength training program which is uniquely designed to help our athletes achieve maximum athletic performance.

The success of our strength and speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) training programs has now emerged into the training of local High School, College and Professional athletes who desire to improve in their sport, excel in their positions and ready themselves for impact performance with the aspiration of continuing their athletic pursuits at the highest level.

Our strength training program that we are extended to High School,  college and professional athletes was initially developed for advanced weight lifters.
The success of this strength training discipline enables us to offer our strength program to a wider variety of athletes in order to give them a competitive advantage in their chosen sport.

Our unique combination of strength and SAQ training is now being used by High School All-American’s, Professionals, and Divison I athletes who have all become more agile, bigger, stronger,
and more explosive in the pursuit of athletic performance excellence.

At Real Speed our Athletes learn and excel in:
1) Olympic weight lifting
2) Maximum strength output
3) Vertical explosiveness
4) Horizontal explosion
5) Push and pull power
6) Hypertrophy muscle development
7) Mobility and balance
8) Muscular endurance
9) Unilateral and bilateral stability
10) Muscle activation techniques
11) Injury Prevention and much more