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Sports Will Forever Have a Lasting Impact On Athletes.

The lessons you learn from sports will last you a lifetime. I had the pleasure to play under Bruce Rollinson from Mater Dei High School. This man is recognized as one of the greatest High School football coaches in the country. He taught me that you have to work harder than the next man to earn a spot amongst 11. He also made it clear that we are responsible for our own success. This man taught me how to face adversity and hit it in the mouth. I can go on and on about the life lessons this great man has taught me. My point is that Bruce Rollinson didn’t sugar coat anything, because he knew the real world gets difficult at times. I have faced trials and overcome, I have failed at many tasks and been told I was under qualified. I was prepared to face my failures because at a young age no one called me a champ for losing. When I lost I knew I had to work harder, when I was challenged I accepted. I have prospered because the people who love me and wanted me to grow into a true champion told me the truth.

We live in a time where we want everyone to be winners and that is kind and gracious. The fact is we are creating a mindset of entitlement amongst our youth/young adults. As teachers, coaches, and parents we sugar coat the fact that “Johnny” might not be good at sports because we do not want to hurt his feelings. It is okay if “Johnny” doesn’t make the team or he’s not a super star. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we fail our youth/young adults by not telling them the truth.

With Love,
Coach Cam

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